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Annuities Plan

ANNUITIES Plan – Customer-friendly
Creating your retirement plan for the future can be challenging, but you can easily overcome this challenge by learning more about the financial options available to you. You understandably want to create a regular income stream in retirement that pays for all of your bills and that hopefully provides you with a surplus of income for travel and other enjoyable activities. Many retirees and others are taking full advantage of annuities, and a closer look at annuities will help you to determine if this is a viable solution for you to invest in as you prepare for retirement.

With an annuity, you have the option to either make lump sum investments or our team of professionals can help you establish regular payment plans that best fits your budget into a personalized annuity plan for a specified period of time. At the end of the deposit time period, you will start receiving annuity payments. The interest rate associated with this investment may be fixed or adjustable. You also can control how long you want to receive payments for, and the term length will directly impact the payment you receive. You also have flexibility to receive annuity payments on a monthly or quarterly basis or in some other way. In the event you pass away, the annuity payments may be assigned to a beneficiary linked to your account.

As you can see, annuities can be established with flexible terms so that they meet your financial needs in retirement. When purchasing an annuity for retirement income, pay attention to the return. Selecting an adjustable rate can be riskier, but it can pay off if you are in a rising rate environment. Otherwise, a fixed rate provides you with greater security. In addition, focus on fees associated with the annuity, and try to get the highest return possible while minimizing the fees. Some people will set up an annuity that provides a large enough monthly payment to cover all of their expenses in retirement, and others may use it to supplement their income from other sources. This type of guaranteed income can provide you with significant financial security in the years to come.