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Heroes for Life!

As Agents of Change, we are happy to announce, that thanks to you and your recommendations we were able to raise $1,100 to Alabama Veteran!


Alabama Veteran is a one of a kind, registered 501(c)3 organization with the goal of keeping Alabama Veterans engaged in all aspects of life by promoting the spirit of camaraderie through social, fitness, and outdoor recreation and by maintaining a no-wrong door access point for Veterans seeking community engagement and resource navigation.

 Veterans share an unspoken unity and bond. Many veterans long for the camaraderie we once shared while in service, but are not sure how to recreate it while transitioning back into the community after service.  That’s why and how Alabama Veteran started, because as veterans, we know that without engagement there is no mission.

We operate by two guiding principles, setting the example for community stewardship and Veteran engagement. Veterans are not looking for handouts, but give them an opportunity and they will make it happen. Whether it’s going on mission trips to provide relief for natural disasters or simply attending social events to network and stay connected. We provide a space for purposeful and fun engagement within the community. Alabama Veteran is about Veteran Empowerment.  


According to the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, 30% of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and research indicates that there is a direct correlation between traumas like PTSD and behaviors such as violence, depression, and suicide. For these many reasons, our agency personally invites YOU to take active steps in supporting this cause as the means to help thank our vets for their immense service and sacrifice for our nation.

By doing so you will be helping these resilient men and women and their families take active steps and receive the necessary support to transition into a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Our agency even donates on your behalf when you recommend your friends, family or co-workers to get an insurance quote from us . We donate $10 to Alabama Veterans every person you recommend! It’s just that easy!!!

They only need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.


Getting involved has never been so simple — or so Free!

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE